OCTOBER: RS Artists Round-Up

 As one of London’s leading music production and development companies, RS Artists prides ourselves in finding the industry’s best talent and artists who are passionate and who show a dedication to their craft. We are committed to developing our artists and to creating a more diverse and evolving future for the London music scene and the industry as a whole.

     October was an incredible month for us as we saw some of the industry’s finest talent showcasing their skills and pushing their craft to the limit and beyond. Some of our highlights from our October event include:

Bethany Janette – Scottish born Bethany got an early start to the world of music at the young age of 12. Living in Asia, she began to hone her skills and see her talent grow as she quickly progressed from learning to play a ukulele, to writing her own material. Her debut track, “I Miss You”, is a worthwhile listen and can be found here on Spotify.

Olay Fay – Soulful, inspired by Motown and with a soothing voice, African born Irish singer Olay, devotes everything to his music. If his most recent track, “Fire” through Regent Street Artists, is any indication, his dedication has paid off.

Listen to it here on Spotify.

Eddie Monroe – London based singer/songwriter, Eddie channels his inner classic Rockstar to create new tracks with intense vocals and melodic rhythms. Here his latest track, “Proud to Love”, released through Regent Street Artists, here on Spotify.

Isaac K – A philosophical artist taking his talent to the next level and bringing the world of music along with him, Isaac is ambitious and curious. Stating that his mission is to “research the human condition on record”. His latest release, “Sentient” can be found here.

Jessica White – Making the rounds in UK pubs, clubs and hotels, Jessica thanks artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé for her musical influence. She writes from the heart as many of her debut songs were inspired by her own relationships. Her Regent Street Artists release “Reflections” can be found here. Be sure to listen for strong Etta James-like Jazz undertones in her music.

Olivia Ter Berg – A classically trained harpist and music major at the University of York, Olivia began training at the age of 8 and has developed her talent ever since. Her debut track, “Let Me In” can often be heard across 40 UK local radio stations and right here on Spotify.

     Thank you to all who attended, the artists and everyone who worked to put the event together, it was lit! We are excited to plan our next event and to showcase the artists in yet another blog featured right here on our website.

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