Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for my audition?

No, your audition is completely free of charge.

Do I have to pay any money for production if we work together?

As we are not a record label and do not recieve royalties, if artists are successful in their initial audition and both parties decide to work together, there are contributions involved for the work which we do on our part for the artist (for example recording and production work). However, there is no obligation to commit to anything and we work on a ‘pay as you go’ , session by session service. Our aim is to provide our artists with the tools and guidance they need to progress, distribute their music, get them noticed and to take them to a level where they will be of interest to record labels and publishers.

Specific costs can vary from artist to artist depending on what is required (for example recording needs or assistance with songwriting), however this is discussed in the first instance at the audition and A&R meeting and will be outlined thoroughly and clearly. We will always work at the artists comfort and of course, these options can be discussed in detail during the initial meeting.

Do I have to sing an original song or can I sing a cover?

We love hearing original material, but if you don’t have your own material just yet, you are welcome to perform a cover. You can do this a capella, with a backing track or with instrumental accompaniment.

Are you a record label/management company?

No, we are not a record label or a management company. This means we do not receive royalties from artist’s music, nor will we own any part of the music produced in our studios. Our aim to to get our artists to a standard that will catch the attention of labels, management and publishers.

Why do I have to audition?

Our producers have limited weekly slots to provide sessions and we have far more applicants that we have spaces. We hold auditions to ensure the artists we will be working with can be matched with a suitable producer and to ensure we can offer them a realistic platform to grow and develop and ensure the best possible working relationship.

I don’t live in London, can I audition via video?

Our studio policy is that we meet each artist in person before we are able to offer them a place, so we are unable to accept video auditions at this time.

How long will my audition take?

Your audition should last around 20 minutes and will include a short meeting with an A&R representative.

What promotional work do you do for artists?

We ensure that artists releases are available on all major online retailers, which get feedback from reviewers. We send out our artist’s completed work to radio stations, although please note that we can not guarantee radio play as this is up to each station’s programming. As it is very important that artists perform regularly, we offer advice and help on this too.