Annabel Pattinson



Annabel Pattinson is a 22 year old Singer- Songwriter from the North East of England. She learnt to play guitar from a young age self taught watching her dad play as a hobby. When she left school she decided playing and writing music was her strongest talent and decided to study it. When she left college she started building up a reputation and played at many iconic venues. Her influences are from pop icons Katy Perry to Indie bands such as Artic Monkeys. She also draws inspiration from Alanis Morissette and the Cranberries. She plays both acoustic and with her full band, which includes drums bass keys and electric guitar, alongside her acoustic guitar and vocals. She will be headlining the 02 Academy on the 2nd June for her launch of her first single Psycho Bitch which will be released on the 1st June.